Aramid Fiber Sewing Thread

Aramid Fiber Sewing Thread Description Aramid Fiber Sewing Thread – 100% pure filament fiber. Aramid Sewing Thread have extremely high strength, excellent heat resistance and flame retardant properties. Aramid Sewing Thread do not catch fire, melt or drop, so they are an excellent choice for flame-retardant applications. It’s widely used for sewing firefighter uniform, anti-cutting gloves, insulation

Glass Mesh

You Chang brand Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh fabric is basis of any heat insulation system.Cracks are prevented because of good chemical corrosion resistance and high warp and weft strength~Distortions insulation system from high impact are minimized because the directions. ● Application   You Chang ALKALI-RESISTANT FIBERGLASS MESH is widely used in wall reinforcement,out-side wall heat insulation,roof

Aluminum Glass Gloth

Aluminum Glass Gloth Often reinforced with duct tape or glue, the substrate must be clean, dry, free from grease or other contaminants. Analyzing the properties of silver glass fabrics saves materials, and costs, enhances the performance of the material. Learning about Aluminum Glass Fabric saves materials, and costs, enhances the performance of the material.

Silicone coated glass fabric

Advantages of silicone coated glass fabric Excellent fire resistance, can be insulated in certain environments. Excellent waterproofing and anti-airflow properties. Fiberglass is the basic material FGS is exellent fire resistance. Fabric surface reduced water retention, reduced ability to be eroded by climate and environment. Application of fire retardant silicone fabric: Used to install wind or

High-silica Products

Silica cloth is a high performance textile fabric that has 96% SiO2, flexible fabric designed for use where severe temperature conditions exist. It used for thermal insulating and heat protection. It will not burn, rot or deteriorate and resist most acids. It will keep good state when it works at 1100℃ for a long time.