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Fiberglass Fabric HT800

Fiberglass Fabric HT800  Fiberglass Fabrics produced by high grade Filament fiberglass yarn with high tech imported loom. After weaving the yarn, we got a fabric with an excellent fire proof ...
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Glass Mesh

You Chang brand Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh fabric is basis of any heat insulation system.Cracks are prevented because of good chemical corrosion resistance and high warp and weft strength~Distortions insulation system ...
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PTFE Fabric

Specifications PTFE Fabrics :
  • PTFE Fabric Premium Series
  • Style : YS9025A
  • StandardWidth(mm):1000/2250
  • NormalThickness(mm): 0.25mm
  • Weight(g/m2): 530
  • PTFE Content(%) : 68
  • TensileStrength(N/5cm) : 2500/1900
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Aluminum Glass Gloth

Aluminum Glass Gloth
  • Often reinforced with duct tape or glue, the substrate must be clean, dry, free from grease or other contaminants.
  • Analyzing the properties of silver glass ...
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Silicone coated glass fabric

Advantages of silicone coated glass fabric Excellent fire resistance, can be insulated in certain environments. Excellent waterproofing and anti-airflow properties. Fiberglass is the basic material FGS is exellent fire resistance ...
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