Asbestos Fabric

Asbestos fabric is composed of very thin glass fibers (basalt fiber). Used as a reinforcement for many polymer products, synthetic materials, known as reinforced polymer (ERP) or fiberglass reinforced plastic (GRP). The specific characteristics of fiberglass are non-flammable, heat-resistant, non-abrasive, non-elastic, corrosion resistant, stronger than steel (withstand traction 7400kg / m2), no toxic asbestos.


* Fireproof (slag of high-temperature welding – 450 degree or less).

* Fire protection: in the works using electric wires.

* Sound insulation: in the Building, Theater, Karaoke, Dance.

* Anti-cracking: for concrete, wall, ceiling.

* Insulation: hot pipes or pipelines need regular maintenance (coil type).

* Size: 1m x 15 / 16m x 2mm (1 roll = 25Kg)

1m x 15 / 16m x 3mm (1 roll = 50Kg)

Asbestos fabric with 50mm/100mm dimension and thickness 3mm

Insulated asbestos, also known as fireproof asbestos, is composed of warp and weft asbestos, with high fire resistance.

Uses: Inserting machine, sealing, blocking oil, wrapping shaft Shipbuilding, pump shaft, wrapping valve, wrapping heat pipe, boiler pipe, boiler types …

– Material: heat resistant Amiang

– Type: wrapped into a compact, easy to transport.

– Size: 3mm x 50mm x 12.15m (1 roll = 25kg) or 10mm x 12.15m (1 roll = 50kg)

– Temperature: 300 ° C to 400 ° C