High-silica Products

Silica cloth is a high performance textile fabric that has 96% SiO2, flexible fabric designed for use where severe temperature conditions exist.
It used for thermal insulating and heat protection. It will not burn, rot or deteriorate and resist most acids. It will keep good state when it works at 1100℃ for a long time. It works at 1400℃ more than 15 minutes and works at 1700℃ more than 15 seconds.

Vai High- silica

● Application

    1. 1. Used for heat preservation and thermal insulating.
    2. 2. Welding/cutting, molten metal splash protection.
    3. 3. Heat and flame shielding, stress relief.
    4. 4. Hose and cable protection and emergency fire blankets

● Specifications

Model Weave Warp
Per cm
Per cm
Tensile Strength min Weight
Fill Warp
0300P01 Plain 18 13 1200 1000 300 0.28 0.8-0.82
0300S02 8H Stain 18 13 1500 1200 600 0.6 0.914
0300S04 8H Stain 18 13 4400 3400 1200 1.4 0.914
SiO2 content ≤96%
Endurance of temperature 1200℃/1800℉
Instantaneous temperature 1700℃/3000℉

Descriptions : Silica fiberglass tape is made of YC fiberglass fabric. It will keep good state when it works at 1100℃. It’s good construction that offers specific advantages over woven tapes in certain applications.

  • Apprications : Used in ovens, furnaces and boilers as a door seal and thermal insulating. Used in outside of pipe, such as steam conduit.
  • Sepcification : Thickness:0.6mm, 1.6mm Width:50mm